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Product availability changes daily. TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL 1-844-347-3360

California Medical Marijuana Products

  • Dutch Farms Organics

    Dutch Farms Organics was founded in March of 2010 around the basis of helping legal medical marijuana patients in California ease their suffering through the consumption and application of their holistically infused medical grade cannabis balms and glycerine based tinctures.

    The demand for these life changing solutions arose from the personal requests provided to Dutch Farms Organics by their current patient base. The medical marijuana industry as a whole has benefited immensely from the use and quality of this medicine.

    Ease your patient’s suffering by contacting Green Cuisine Delivery today and give your patients a new outlook on life.

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  • Botek Flavored THC Syrup

    If you’ve never had syrup before, we’re glad you’re here. We are Botek™, your trusted source for quality, cannabis-infused syrups.

    Every bottle starts with pure, CO2-extracted, medical cannabis, grown right here in California. We never use cannabis by-products. Simply because you deserve better. From start to finish, we lab test everything, by batch, at multiple checkpoints throughout the production process.

    As patients, we tried the tinctures, sampled the sublinguals and enjoyed the elixirs. Botek combines the best of the traditional with a fruity-fresh dose of deliciousness into a syrup we’re proud of.

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  • Miss Gallipot's Edible Marijuana Products

    Miss Gallipot's Apothecary consists of multiple medium culinary artists who believe quality is important and that accurate dosing is paramount. For over 15 years they have handcrafted organic, safe, effective and delicious cannabis baked goods, jams and jellies. They use all locally grown ingredients and their products are 100% lab tested.

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