Product availability changes daily. Please give us a call at 844-347-3360 to be sure your desired product is available.

Product availability changes daily. TO ORDER, PLEASE CALL 1-844-347-3360

Specials & Discounts

New Patients Receive

*Free gift pack typically a cone, a grinder, a pack of papers, and a lighter!

*Some variations depending on our stock of each and the individuals order
eg. members who only enjoy edibles may receive an edible instead etc.

Patient Referrals


*$10 value


Every Day Specials

 » Every $100 spent, you receive a bonus gift

 » Sunday – Sunday Funday ~ 25% Off The Entire Menu**

 » Monday – Medible Monday ~ DOG2 all Green Country Delights

 » Tuesday*- Two For Tuesday ~ DOGO 50% Off all Concentrates/ DOGO All Flowers**

 » Wednesday* – Wax Weds ~ DOGO All Waxes/DOG2 All Waxes

 » Thursday* – Three For Thursday ~3 8ths of Top-shelf or Private Reserve for $110/3 grams of wax for $75

 » Friday – Frryyday ~ 25% Off All Top-shelf or Private Reserve

 » Saturday* – Shatterday ~ DOGO 50% Off All Shatter/DOGO All Shatter

*Alternates every week between the 2 deals listed/ Please call in or check our Weedmaps page for current deal

**Some restrictions apply